We bring a history of successful branding experience in the cannabis industry with multiple complementary brands under a corporate umbrella. We are harnessing that prowess to craft a diverse range of CBD-based brands to serve many audiences. This will open mass-market retail channels and lead to awareness, acceptance, and adoption of CBD wellness and rare cannabinoid-based products.

Product Development

We are committed to developing only high-quality CBD and rare cannabinoid products to maximize the adoption of cannabis-based nutraceuticals. Consistent and standardized products provide consumers with confidence unmet elsewhere. Our product philosophy includes ‘Dependable Dosing™’ for consumers to easily and safely use our products, and trust in our suite of brands.


With over 10 years of experience navigating the legal cannabis market, we have the experience finding alternative marketing channels beyond mainstream options to grow our brands to a national and international scale. We are bringing that experience, knowledge, and creativity and applying it to all of our CBD brands to ensure global success.


Extensive partnerships with cultivators, suppliers, and distribution channels seamlessly move our CBD brands across the globe.

Our streamlined production methods and strategic distribution channels allow our products to consistently be in stock and on consumer shelves. Collective Hemp gracefully meets and exceeds demands of mass-retail scale through its distributors. With experience in ever-changing cannabis compliance as the market matures, we only offer legal products in legal markets, expanding as legality and acceptance grows around the world.