Collective Hemp Brands is led by a team of proven industry leaders and innovators who were responsible for developing one of the largest and well-respected international cannabis manufacturing and distribution companies in the United States, Organa Brands.

Organa Brands made up of (OV/MB/Bk/Dist) as part of Slang Worldwide (SLNG) and launched their IPO on the Canadian Securities Exchange in January 2019 for over $600M.

Industry Knowledge

We bring our extensive industry knowledge and connections together to create the global CBD market. Our goal is to make the benefits of cannabinoids freely accepted and available across the globe. By developing brands that meet every market and carving distribution channels for mass-market retail success, Collective Hemp is shaping the future of hemp-based products on retail shelves.

Our Commitment

We are more than a branded products company. We are a team of passionate individuals committed to improving the health and wellness of everyone around the world. Our goal is to redefine the way the world views hemp and cannabinoids, and to deliver natural alternative health products to fit every lifestyle.

Core values:

Social Responsibility

As avid outdoor adventurers, we are proud stewards of our environment. Every brand under the Collective Hemp Brands umbrella supports a cause we care about. With the end user in mind, we always look for affordable sustainable packaging alternatives for our products. We are also committed to working with vendors and suppliers that make a conscious effort to integrate sustainable practices into their manufacturing facilities.

Quality Control


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), are both a series of International standards that ensure that wellness, supplement, and cosmetic products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use.

The safest and most reliable pharmaceutical-quality products also meet these international standards. Under GMP and ISO, all Collective Hemp Brands’ production and testing processes are clearly documented and archived for quality assurance.

Non-intoxicating “THC-Free”

Under EU Standards, only certified seeds of specified hemp varieties with a THC content not to exceed 0.2% may be used in hemp/CBD products (EU Regulation 1307/2013).

All of Collective Hemp Brands’ products take this a step further by requiring that all our products contain <0.1% THC (less than half the amount acceptable by EU Regulation). This insures that these products are non-intoxicating and do not pose a risk of becoming ‘high’.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

The hemp plant produces over 100 different phyto-nutrients and phyto-cannabinoids. The hemp oil used in all Collective Hemp Brands CBD products is required to be more than a simple ‘isolate’ or ‘powdered extract’, rather a full-spectrum hemp oil that contains CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and trace amounts of other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN to harness their synergistic effects.

The alternative to full spectrum products is CBD isolate, which is typically 99% pure molecular CBD. These products typically have nothing in them but CBD, because the CBD has literally been isolated from all the other beneficial properties of the plant. Pure CBD is good but not ideal, as the cannabinoid (CB) receptors of the human body are best activated with a combination of cannabinoids working together in concert. Only full-spectrum hemp oil products offer the advantage of this “Entourage Effect”.

Designed in the US, Made in the EU

Designed in Colorado Cannabis Innovation. The State of Colorado in the U.S. was the first major geographic region on the planet to make cannabis consumption fully legal since prohibition. We have been innovators in hemp and CBD products for over a decade.

Made in the EU Craftsmanship, Precision, Quality, Integrity, and Trust. GMP/ISO Certified production facilities in the EU are absolutely state-of-the-art. We are proud to have all Collective Hemp Brands products manufactured in the European Union, to be enjoyed everywhere.

Lab Tested

GLP is a set of international principles intended to assure the quality and integrity of non-clinical laboratory studies to support research and/or marketability certificates for products regulated by government agencies.

We thoroughly test our products in critical analysis to ensure potency, consistency and purity. We test not only percentages of CBD, but also the presence of other cannabinoids in our full-spectrum hemp oil to insure full regulatory compliance.