The bioengineering of cannabis

Genetic modification could enable industrial-scale production of cannabinoids that have pharmaceutical potential.

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Cannabis bioengineering focuses on creating plants capable of producing predictable cannabinoid profiles including the isolation of specific rare cannabinoids.

Producing all cannabinoids, rare or otherwise, will become affordable mass market commodities, however not all markets will take kindly to the perceived controversial nature of the genetic engineering process. Canopy Growth’s acquisition of Ebbu CRISPR Cas-9 methods and platform appears to have the early public advantage in the space.

This technology will drive down the price and improve access to rare cannabinoid isolates increasing availability. This has the potential to change the competitive landscape by lowering the barrier to entry. The real competition will be in proving effective combinations of cannabinoids and proving efficacy (along with branding, of course). CHB may have issues competing with large firms with early advantage, but the competitive landscape will find a balance.